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Even with the best skincare routine, if you’re not exfoliating, your skin isn’t as healthy as it could be. Dermaplaning is a safe and effective skin exfoliation solution that removes dead skin cells and facial hairs, leaving you with a beautifully clear, smooth, and radiant complexion. We invite you to visit Skin Damsel to unveil your skin’s true potential!

What Is Dermaplaning?

As the years go by, layers of dead skin cells build on your skin’s surface, resulting in a dull, rough, and uneven complexion. Dermaplaning is a gentle skin exfoliation treatment that involves the use of a special blade to gently scrape away the top layer of dead skin cells, impurities, and vellus hairs, known as peach fuzz. The result? A smoother, healthier, and brighter-looking complexion!

How Often Will You Require Dermaplaning?

The skin cells turn over every 3-4 weeks, so we typically recommend treatment once every four weeks to maintain your clear and radiant complexion. Dermaplaning is also an excellent treatment to have before any special occasion. Your makeup will glide on smoothly, and your skin will feel softer and smoother than ever!

How Does Dermaplaning Work?

Dermaplaning is a mechanical facial exfoliation technique. It creates micro-injuries in your skin’s surfaces, triggering the natural healing process and skin cell regeneration. It also helps boost collagen and elastin production, rejuvenating and refreshing the skin from within.

The gentle procedure can improve the appearance of fine lines, skin tone and texture, uneven pigmentation, enlarged pores, and superficial acne scars. Moreover, removing your facial hair helps your skincare products penetrate deeper, enhancing their effectiveness and maximizing their benefits.

Dermaplaning is often used hand in hand with other treatments, such as chemical peels. It helps prep the skin for upcoming skin rejuvenation procedures, enhancing your treatment outcomes.

Is Dermaplaning Right for You?

Dermaplaning is ideal for individuals with dry, rough, or blemished skin. It is an incredibly gentle treatment that’s suitable for most skin types. It is even safe for pregnant or nursing patients because it doesn’t involve the use of chemicals. There’s no more risk of side effects from dermaplaning than when you shave your legs.

Even though most individuals are candidates for dermaplaning treatment, we do not recommend it for individuals with inflamed acne or psoriasis flare-ups. Our experienced providers at Skin Damsel will evaluate your skin’s unique needs and help you determine the ideal solution to deliver your best skin ever!

Dermaplaning Near Me in Dallas, TX

Visit Skin Damsel to learn more about dermaplaning, the gentle skin exfoliation procedure celebrities love. Enjoy incredibly smooth and radiant skin today and every day! Contact us to get started today!

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