Technological advancements also alleviated how we can improve our skin appearance and eventually address all skin issues. We went from having painful surgical procedures to treatments that cause not even a pinch of pain. Although it is the patient’s preference to choose between surgical and nonsurgical, the painless ones are usually selected because most have little to no downtime. Who wants a hustle after skincare, right? Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL) is what we have in store for you if you prefer nonsurgical treatments!

What is an IPL Treatment?

Intense Pulsed Light Treatment is a photofacial technology that is non-invasive and safe when handled appropriately. It is a laser-like treatment that can fix skin conditions like brown pigment, age spots, unsightly small veins, and sun spots. It is also one of the most excellent ways to improve skin texture and color in your neck, face, hands, and chest without surgery. 

Additionally, IPL is excellent if you have brown, red, or splotchy skin caused by a health condition. 

What is IPL Treatment for?

ILP Treatment addresses various skin irregularities like the following: 

  • Rosacea
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Fine lines
  • Sun damage
  • Enlarged pores
  • Minor scars
  • Reddening
  • Broken blood vessels
  • Dark spots

Is IPL Treatment effective?

According to sources, IPL Treatment’s efficiency depends on what skin condition you are aiming to treat. 

In terms of sun damage, you may notice 70% less redness and brown spots caused by Ultraviolet or UV rays. 

 In treating acne, IPL also aids in the scarring these acne cause. It is recommended to have six sessions to start noticing significant differences. 

Regarding hair removal, you will benefit primarily if you have dark hair and light skin. However, it may not be effective for patients with blonde hair or dark skin. 

Lastly, IPL can address redness after one to three treatments because light therapy can rid 50-75% of broken blood vessels. During the treatment process, veins will not come back, but new ones may eventually appear. 

Furthermore, if rosacea causes redness on your face, IPL may be a better option than laser therapy. You may also enjoy the results better if your condition is moderate to severe or you are under 40. 

IPL responds differently per patient, and most people need less treatment than others. 

What should I expect in the IPL Treatment process?

During your preparation phase, you must have an initial consultation with your chosen dermatologist. Two weeks before the procedure, you must avoid chemical peels, tanning beds and sunbathing, collagen injections, and waxing. On the day of the procedure, you must avoid using perfume or applying deodorant on treatment areas. You may also be advised to avoid taking aspirin, herbal supplements, and anti-inflammatory drugs before the session because these medicines might heighten bleeding risks.

Your provider will start the treatment properly by administering a small handpiece where a broad spectrum of light is transmitted, lightly placed over the skin. These pulses of light will give a gentle snap of a rubber band feeling as the light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the targeted brown spots or blood vessels. 

As discomforts arise, your provider may apply anesthetic or chilling gel to minimize these discomforts. The brown spots will darken for about a week and eventually flake away. In maintaining the results, you may need one to three treatments per year. Additionally, the overall length of the procedure is highly dependent on the patient’s treatment plan. 

As an aftercare, you must take note of the following: 

  • You can apply makeup immediately if desired. 
  • The area may look red or pink for four to eight hours. 
  • You may feel a stinging sensation for four to six hours. 
  • Avoid using retinol products and active ingredients for three to five days after the procedure. 
  • After the treatment, there is no dramatic downtime, and you can return to your daily routine. 

Side effects, cost, and number of treatments

IPL is generally safe for everyone. However, a patient’s suitability to it may limit, and like other facial procedures, it has side effects you may want to look out for: 

  • Skin discoloration
  • Crusting
  • Swelling
  • Bleeding 
  • Pain
  • Scarring
  • Blistering 
  • Infection 

If any of these side effects worsen, notify your provider immediately. 

The updated cost of an IPL Treatment is $400 per session in 2018. It is also a cosmetic procedure, so insurance does not usually cover it. However, depending on the medical spa or clinic you choose, you may get discounts and budget plans. 

The number of treatments depends on your skin condition’s severity, but six sessions are commonly recommended. Sources claim that most patients see 70-90% of improvement after one session and are already satisfied with the results. 

Every session is scheduled at a three to the four-week interval. IPL gives results that gradually improve over time, depending on how it is taken care of. 

Is the IPL Treatment for me?

The IPL Treatment is best for patients with the conditions mentioned earlier. Dermatologists may also suggest IPL to treat stretch marks, birthmarks, discolored skin, and freckles. However, you may think twice about getting the procedure if you have a skin condition, are pregnant, and are taking medication for other states. 

It is also not recommended if you have skin cancer, skin scarring, recently tanned skin using tanning beds, sunlight, creams, or sunlight, a skin resurfacing disorder, or keloid scar tissue. Additionally, IPL may not help if you are sensitive to light or are using a retinoid cream. 

Your provider must assess and discuss your suitability for the procedure during an initial consultation to secure your safety. 

If you are tired of struggling with various skin issues, Intense Pulsed Light Treatment might be the answer! In Skin Damsel Aesthetics, give the best IPL service and give strength in positive self-image. They will provide optimal results, educate their patients, and be a guide in building self-confidence. 

Are you ready to accept all of these showered benefits? Contact the best medical spa in Dallas, Texas, USA!

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