Looking for a non-invasive solution for clear, glowing, and energized skin? If so, you may want to consider LED light therapy. The gentle treatment harnesses the power of light to improve your cellular health and rejuvenate your skin from within. We invite you to visit Skin Damsel to get started today!

LED Light Therapy - An Overview

LED light therapy, also known as low-level light therapy or phototherapy, involves the use of different wavelengths of light to boost your skin's health and combat specific complexion imperfections. No prescriptions. No medications. No injections. No surgery. Just safe, natural wavelengths of safe and effective light energy.

Here is a look at what Red and Blue light therapy can do for you:

Red LED Light Therapy: Red light therapy is clinically verified to activate fibroblast cells, stimulating collagen and elastin production. The anti-aging treatment also triggers repair at the cellular level, reduces inflammation, and increases circulation. Red light therapy offers a non-invasive and highly effective option to target a range of skin concerns, including fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, acne scars, skin blemishes, and more! The gentle treatment hydrates and plumps your skin, promoting healthy, natural glow.

Blue LED Light Therapy: Blue LED light therapy uses blue light wavelength to penetrate the skin and kill acne-causing bacteria, offering an excellent solution for reducing acne breakouts and improving your skin's overall appearance. Blue LED light therapy can also decrease inflammation, reduce oil production, and improve skin tone, texture, and clarity from the inside out.

Near-infrared LED Light Therapy: Light wavelengths penetrate the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin production and skin cell regeneration. Near-infrared LED light therapy helps reduce the signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots and improves skin tone, texture, elasticity, and firmness. It also promotes wound healing, reduces pain and inflammation, treats cystic acne, and so much more.

LED Light Therapy Additional Uses

At Skin Damsel, we often use LED light therapy as an add-on treatment after a skin treatment like a facial, cosmetic injectable, or laser procedure. It helps decrease post-procedure inflammation and bruising and enhances treatment outcomes.

Our team is also happy to offer a loaner LED light device for use at home to reduce recovery time post-treatment, especially if your procedure involves bruising. Talk to our expert providers about our loaners to see if you would benefit from taking one home with you after treatment.

Is LED Light Therapy Safe?

LED light therapy has an extremely high safety record. Low-level light therapy is based on light-emitting diode, or LED technology developed for NASA-manned space flight experiments. It generates negligible heat amounts compared to laser therapy, posing no significant risks of side effects or complications.

LED Light Therapy Near Me in Dallas, TX

Visit Skin Damsel to learn more about reversing skin aging, calming acne breakouts, and addressing a range of complexion imperfections. Whether you're looking for a stand-alone anti-aging treatment, to boost the results of other skin treatments, or to reduce bruising or inflammation after treatment, LED light therapy may be the perfect solution for you. We invite you to contact us to get started today!

Call Skin Damsel at 469-828-1732 to get on track to your transformation, or book an appointment online today! We look forward to enhancing your natural beauty!

We believe that natural-looking is always the best-looking.

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